The Four Legged Sales Call – A Unique Training Tool

May 21, 2024 | Employees, Growth Tips, Training

How much are you leaving on the table – in terms of both sales and gross profit?

It’s an important question to ask – even if your sales team are hitting their targets.

Low Minimum Targets

What I have noticed is that companies set a minimum standard (either a sales closing ratio, or a sales goal) and if the salesperson is hitting that minimum mark, they are left alone.

This is because the boss or sales manager is busy helping the poor performers or doing other things.

And because salespeople love their autonomy.

Lost Opportunity

But that, my friend, is the lost opportunity.

Even a good performer can miss out on the larger sale or under price the sale due to misreading the prospect.

You Can Always Improve Your Skills.

I was reminded of that this weekend.

I went to “competition school” to get my provisional racing license, and spent time getting to know the better drivers.

One of them drives my same car (but a faster version) and understood how my car handled.

After explaining to me his “speed secrets”, he offered to take me out in his car (a Porsche GT4 RS).

Intellectually, I understood the ideas he was sharing. But after driving with him I could actually see what he was doing and how the car was responding.

Plus I could “feel” how hard he was able to drive the car.

(I felt it in my stomach, and after a few laps I got motion sickness, lol.)

When I got back in my car, I immediately cut two seconds off my lap time – with more to come.

Introducing The Four Legged Sales Call

You can (and should) offer your salespeople the same kind of experientiallearning.

I call this the “four legged sales call”, where two salespeople go together on a sales call.

  • The “teacher” can accompany the “student” on their call.
  • And vice versa, the student can go with the teacher

This approach also works with two peers, who can learn from each other.

After the sales call: both people sit down together and critique themselves and each other.

You discuss techniques that worked, how the client responded, how issues were handled, etc.

Professionals Can Have Many Teachers.

While I have a professional coach whom I meet with consistently (he is like my Sales Manager), I also learn from my peers at the track.

(Though the next time I hop in someone else’s race car, I may need to take motion sickness pills beforehand!)

Your Challenge – Keep Training ALL Your Salespeople.

It’s hard to incorporate training during the busy time of the year, but it’s also the best time to help your good salespeople become great.

This year is challenging for many: It’s harder to close sales and harder to maintain margin.

However, maintaining margin is not just an economic issue, but also a sales-skills issue.

Institute the Four Legged Sales Call after the holiday, and raise the learning bar on your team.

If you make team coaching part of your culture – you will crush it!


Regards, Jeffrey Scott

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