The Future of Irrigation with Brodie Bruner

Jul 27, 2023 | Planning, Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO, Productivity, Strategy, Time Management

Brodie Brunner is the Executive Vice President (and co-owner) of Weathermatic.

They are the “World’s leader in smart water technology.”

Weathermatic was founded in 1945 and is located in Dallas, TX. They have 150 employees and revenues slightly under $50M.

Jeffrey and Brodie discuss how the irrigation industry has changed dramatically over the past couple decades, and how Weathermatic has proactively planned for and driven that change, going from old-school manufacturing to cutting-edge integrated hardware and software. 

Brodie shares how Weathermatic changed their business model again after the crash of 2008/2009.

They discuss irrigation hourly rates, good irrigation margins, how to turn irrigation into an enhancement division, and their business model for giving away irrigation controllers to the end user.

They share with you their predictions for the future of the green industry, and the role of technology in those predictions.

There is a lot to learn here that you can apply to your business in this niche-specific podcast.