The Organic Growth Method with Mike Bogan

Dec 1, 2022 | Growth Tips, Leadership, Management, Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO, Productivity, Strategy

Mike Bogan is President and Co-Owner of Landcare, based in Frederick, MD. It’s a 24-year-old company that Mike joined 8 years ago as CEO. He and his leadership team have transformed Landcare into a profitable, fast-growth company.

Landcare has 70 locations and 3800 employees.

Mike shares with Jeffrey how he and his team turned around the company, and why they took it privately (bought the company) and why they will never sell it.

Mike started at Brickman and saw all the changes to that company and the industry. He is very passionate and tells all, sharing great insights into the history of our industry and how to grow oneself and one’s business.

Mike is both a veteran of the industry with the enthusiasm of a startup.