The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2018 | Growth Tips

Before the festivities begin let me ask you a question to ponder: What is true meaning of Thanksgiving??

For some it is about your relationship to God, for others it is about friends and family. And for many it is summarized in the folklore of the Native Americans helping out our pilgrim forefathers, but…

Do we really know what Native American Indians stand for?

Here is an inspiring quote that sums up their value-system:

“Native communities place a high value on social relationships. The needs of community were met through the efforts of all, and all were expected to contribute. Communities that hunted bison, or farmed, included all members in the task. Native people understood that many people working together could accomplish much more than individuals, and their cultures reflected this understanding. Because everyone was seen as a relative, everyone was responsible for everyone else.” — From the National Museum of the American Indian

I believe that sums up this holiday: being part of the larger community, and lending a helping hand.

But in today’s climate, where we are often divided, this holiday sets the right tone: reach across the aisle, love your neighbor, and do what you can to build a stronger community in your town, in your company, and in our industry.

God bless everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott and Family