The Warrior Mindset

Jul 17, 2018 | Growth Tips

This weekend I took my dog mountain biking (No, she doesn’t have her own bike lol.)

We both enjoyed chasing wildlife, running (and pedaling) in circles, and catching the wind in our face.

It’s part of my own personal program for clearing the mind, staying connected, and staying in shape.

How do you stay on top of your game?

Here is a short video on my approach, that I call The Warrior Mindset. Enjoy it, get inspired and share it with your team.

Challenge for you: Get to know your leaders better; find out how they keep themselves in top shape. What can you do to foster the Warrior Mindset amongst your leaders?

Enjoy & Prosper,

Jeffrey Scott!

P.S. It will be an active summer; I will be running a couple Leader’s Edge peer groups; I will also be headed to Greece for two weeks for my birthday, August 1st.

Upon my return, I will be all refreshed and newly inspired to run my Become A Destination Company® workshops. I am super excited to unveil my newest thinking and tools!

Before I go, I will be interviewing Ed Castro, a truly awesome entrepreneur, on July 24 on his abundance mindset and approach to corporate giving. Join us: Giving Back is Good For Business.