These 3 Accountabilities Will Ensure Stellar Results

Jan 16, 2024 | Employees, Financial, friendship, Growth Tips, Income, Leadership, Peer Groups, Planning, Strategy

It’s going to be a great year—I can feel it.

But only for the companies that have mastered the skills of Accountability.

There are five key types of accountability that your organization must master to be on tops of it’s game.

I spoke about these at my client-exclusive event, The Executive Retreat, that we held in January in New Orleans.

To keep this brief, here are 3 critical accountabilities I touched on (I’ll address the others in a future newsletter)

1. KPI Accountability.

Greatness starts by knowing your deliverables and being accountable to them.

Each key leader–and each division–needs absolute clarity on which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they need to achieve.

Your people also need a system to hold themselves and others accountable.

To stay on top of your KPIs: Make them part of your daily, weekly and monthly meeting rhythms.

A great example of who does this well is Jerry Schill , Owner of Schill Grounds Management.

He lives and breathes a one sheet of KPI’s – it drives his weekly activities.

Strategic Rocks

And for those of you doing quarterly strategic planning, KPI accountability also includes the quarterly rocks each leader has committed to.

A quarterly review of each leader will keep them and your company on track.

2. Peer to Peer Accountability

An Accountability Agreement between key managers/leaders will help ensure that everyone is supporting each other to fulfill their roles accurately and timely.

Ironically, peer to peer accountability is as much about following your systems as it is about how you work with each other.

A weekly team review of your systems (i.e. accountability to your systems) will keep everyone on track.

Note: If weekly is not needed, pick a rhythm that makes sense for your team.

3. Team Accountability

“All for one and one for all”—no company ever achieved greatness without having team gusto.

This requires the leader of your company to push teamwork above all else, and to keep this value front and center.

Ted Lucia, owner of Lucia Landscaping in Michigan, does an excellent job of this with his One Team™ value system. Everyone on his team bleeds this core value.

But team spirit is not enough.

It takes the company leader to set a compelling Vision and stretch goals.

Without a meaningful stretch of some kind, people get comfortable and become less accountable

Your Challenge: Build a Super Leadership Team to Maximize Accountability.

A Super Leadership Team thrives by staying accountable to each other, their KPIs and their systems.

But they are super charged with the following secret ingredient:

Your leadership must make a commitment to candor: total openness and honesty in discussion of your company’s strategy, goals, issues and performance.

If your team can achieve this HIGH level of open dialogue, you are sure to have an stellar year.

Remember: Be hard on the process while inspiring your people, and your team will rise to the occasion.

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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