Things We Both Need To Do – Even in a Hot Market

Apr 26, 2021 | Growth Tips, Marketing, Uncategorized

Let’s turn the tables, we spend all our time talking about how to make your landscape business better – did you ever wonder how I make my business great and what you can learn/apply from that?

Successful business building requires a combination of a great product and service to your clients—combined with a professional, creative and compelling marketing investment including how you engage with your community.

It’s a combination of the internal (with employees and clients) and the external (with the market place and community).

I follow my own advice, in fact I cut my teeth on my own advice.

I invest heavily in giving great service and constantly innovating new products and techniques that help my clients to hit their goals, scale their companies, build superb teams and achieve financial successes beyond what they thought possible.

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It’s not enough to do great work. 

I have also invested in constantly upgrading my marketing, for example, I just rebranded, using a new marketing firm.

I also provide many free resources to the industry including my weekly newsletter and my podcast series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO. I’m always engaging with the industry, leading the industry where I can, and promoting others successes when possible.

Even when the market is hot, I don’t drop my marketing and engagement. I don’t stop newsletters or podcasts. I don’t put my marketing company on hold.

I also don’t stop innovating new tools and concepts for the industry.

And that’s how I know that when the economy softens or turns down I’ll keep going strong. And while the economy is growing I’ll be growing even stronger.

How about you?

In spite of the economy being so hot that you can barely keep track, you have to stay consistent with your strategy.

Continue doing these things, even in a hot market:

  • Keep marketing.
  • Keep innovating new products and services.
  • Stay focused on providing an excellent client experience.
  • Be polite when turning away business.
  • Remain humble even as you kill it!
  • Continue to nurture relationships with clients just as you do with employees.

Your Challenge:

Don’t forget what made you successful.

You started your business hungry, always improving, always going above and beyond and taking chances.

The challenge is to keep that attitude now even when you are super busy and successful. Because the economy will cool off at some point and you will still need your brand reputation, innovative nature and client good will to keep you strong.

Don’t follow your competitors like monkey see monkey do, rather stay innovative and stick to your roots.