Three People-Problems This Workshop Will Solve

Jun 29, 2018 | Growth Tips

The hundred days of hell have extended into summer, and stress is high with some people in your operations!

In my august Destination Company® workshops, I will address the following:

  • How you can better manage your team, having them more dedicated to you and the company.
  • How to become a talent magnet for attracting the skilled and competent people you need.
  • Provide the tools you need for growing your bench – without which you can’t grow.

Bring (or send) your operational leaders to this workshop, and they will be exposed the bigger picture, they will be able to network with others to understand the common problems, and they will learn tools that will stregnthen your company culture!

Register now for Become A Destination Company, before the July 15 early bird deadline. Get a multiple-discount by brining two staff with you.

Watch this video, to learn exactly why this 2 day event will change your business forever.

You deserve and need to get your second wind, by spending two days with us to work “on” your business. You will gain a refreshed perspective, so you can finish the year strong!