Three Things You Should Know

Jun 25, 2019 | Growth Tips

Did you know…

…I am holding a contest, giving away a free ticket to my Design Build Growth Summit?

It is for emerging design/build businesses owners: companies under 10 years old, under $500,000 in revenue.

Pass this link on to young entrepreneurs you know who want to grow their design/build/maintenance business, and are looking for cutting edge ideas that will change how they think about their business.

Register for the contest here.

…I do a weekly podcast, “The Ultimate CEO“?

You can find it on itunes. These are short podcasts on specific topics, inspiring and with specifics ideas you can implement. A convenient way to energize your week!

Find the podcast here.

Share with me any feedback on it you have.

…I am holding a free webinar series this July?

In case you can’t come to my Design Build Growth Summit in Ohio this August, you can hear me interview 2 of our fabulously successful guest speakers? These are two highly innovative landscape entrepreneurs, you don’t want to miss it!

Sign up for the webinar series here.