Thriving In A Crisis: Free Webinar

thriving in a crisis free webinar

How well are you steering your company through this crisis?

It has forced us all into immediate, relentless action. You have to work harder than ever before just to stay in place, and/or not lose too much ground.

You are not alone.

Here is how I can help you, with this free webinar, this Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 2pm est.

THRIVING IN A CRISIS: 10 Lessons You Should Be Learning From This Crisis, to Keep Your Business Healthy and Thriving.

This crisis hit us faster than any recession ever has. And we will hopefully recover faster than we ever have in the past.

But only if you learn your lessons.

On this 60 min webinar you will learn 10 lessons that we all need to take to heart, in order for you to operate better under the “new normal”.

  1. Leadership communication principles for crisis and growth modes
  2. The big picture – where the owner should spend their time.
  3. Cash flow management, how to survive down turns and thrive in upturns.
  4. Inoculations against bad news
  5. The role of innovation in your business
  6. Have you gotten lazy? Treating every economy with the respect it deserves.
  7. Marketing Do’s and Don’ts That work both in crisis and upswings.
  8. The role of diversification.
  9. Economic predictions – can you see the upswing?
  10. How you will be remembered?

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One thought on “Thriving In A Crisis: Free Webinar

  1. Hi,
    During your live webinar today, Thriving in a Crisis, you mentioned at the end there would be a link to watch this webinar again. Could you please tell me where to find the link? It was very informative and insightful so I would like to watch it again.

    Thank you!

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