To The Important Women In Your Life

Jul 9, 2024 | friendship, Growth Tips, Leadership

In the past I have written about my father’s influence on my consulting business and my advice to you.

This week I am writing about my mom, Dorothy Goldberg Scott, who passed away 2 weeks ago.

Three big achievements stand out in her life, that greatly influenced my work and life.

I share them with you below and how they may apply to you; perhaps you will catch an inspiration!

My grandmother and great-great-grandmother both lived to 100, and we always thought my mom would, too.

She fought ALS for seven years and finally succumbed, at the fulfilling age of 87.

Three Big Achievements

1. Writing and reading

My mother was a writer.

She created and wrote “The NewSplash”, the company newsletter for our pool/landscape business. She was ahead of her time, putting it out in English and Spanish.

She also wrote the monthly newsletter for her synagogue AND she was my proofreader on my three books.

My writing DNA comes from her, and from her family which published a regional newspaper.

Books were also a staple in our lives, thanks to my Mom who was always working on a book or two.

Leaders are readers – and I would add they are writers, too!

I can thank my Mom for both passions.

If you want to do more reading and writing, surround yourself with other leaders going down that same path. You won’t regret it.

2. Study Now or Later

My parents met in college (Boulder, Colo.) and eloped after freshman year.

Thirty years later my mom went back to school – after us five kids left the house.

She graduated at 51 yrs old with a bachelor’s in health and human services.

She was that hip middle-aged woman who drove a convertible around campus.

She was the HR manager in our pool/landscape company, but after graduation she volunteered a lot of her time to help the infirmed and needy.

College anyone?

If it were up to my dad, I might have gone straight to work for him building pools after high school.

My mom made sure we all went to college.

Thanks Mom.

3. Touching So Many

After my mom passed, I heard from so many people whom she touched and greatly influenced. Some told us that she “saved” their lives.

We were blessed to have many people attend the service, or zoom into it, or call or email me.

I learned of a whole new side of my mom through those stories.

She blessed many.

It made me stop and think, How well do I really know the people that I love, and work with?

Your Challenge is both personal and business this week.

Don’t wait until your parent or spouse passes away; get to know them better now, by learning how others see them and how they touch others.

You can do the same at work

Be more curious how your people are impacting others. For better or worse.

Don’t wait till after they leave your company to hear the great, or shocking, stories.

It can be eye opening.

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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