You will gain a competitive advantage in business, and become a more impactful person in life, based on what you learn from the people you meet, the places you visit, and the books and articles you read. The articles I have written below will help you make dramatic gains on that journey. Each article will give you thought provoking insights to challenge your status-quo and give you tools to grow your business. Feel free to share.

> The Four Myths of Incentives

> 12 Opportunities to Improve Your Leadership

> Competing With the BIG BOYS

> Exit Planning: Build a Business That Runs Itself, Is Fun to Own, and Will Sell for More Money

> Preventing Good Employees From Getting Away

> PRICING FOR RISK: How Much Should Each Service Sell For?

> Raising Owner’s Income: How Much Is in Your Wallet?

> The Size of the Bait Determines the Size of the Catch

> Think Like an Owner

> Jeffrey’s 5 Ps of Sales Management Success