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A Min & Max Budget

A Unique Way to Thank Clients

Lessons From My Daughter

Sprint Through The Finish Line

The 4 Jet Engines of Profit

High Profit Culture

Culture vs. Strategy

Getting Lost in the Woods and Your Strategic Plan

Why Peer Groups?

Now is the Time for Your Employees Review

The Other Half of The Puzzle

Why I Do What I Do?

Are You Working In or On Your Business?

Time to Reflect – Every day, week and quarter

Why Rely On An Outside Advisor?

Creating Accountability in The Workplace

4 Ways to Provide More Value and Upsell Clients

The Value of Three Weeks Vacation

Selling On Value

Partner With Your Clients

Leaders Ask Better Questions

5 Family Business Strategies

Power of a Peer Group

Secrets of Frank Marini’s Success

Video compilation of Jeffrey speaking

Jeffrey Scott speaks on competitive advantage


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