Training Foremen And Supervisors

Feb 8, 2017 | Growth Tips, Training

How are you training your frontline crew leaders to manage their team and represent your company?

You spend quite a bit of time and money getting your workforce technically trained. But is it enough? Your frontline is the face of your company. They need to be able to manage themselves, their team and their client interactions–in order for your company to become a leader in your market place.

The further the owner and leadership team are removed from the front line, the more proficient your crew leaders and supervisors need to be. Their career growth and earnings potential depends on it. They need to grow so you can grow.

It’s called span of control: Your leaders need to learn more skills, in order to increase the span of responsibilities they can manage.

Training questions to consider:

  1. How well do your team leaders manage the people they supervise? There is a reason that laborers don’t want to become foremen, and foremen don’t want to become supervisors–or fail when they do. They don’t have formal management and leadership training. What training are you and your leaders giving to the rest of your team?
  1. Your clients interact with your frontline more than with any part of your company. They represent your brand. How are you teaching the brand and good customer service skills? How often do you reinforce them?
  1. All higher-level jobs require good (great!) communication skills. How are you learning these yourself, and teaching these skills?
  1. Training equals retaining, especially with millennials. How are you building a Destination Company®?

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