Tuesday Webinar: Giving Back is Good (Great!) For Business

Jul 23, 2018 | Growth Tips

“Giving back” is one of my favorite growth topics to speak on, to consult on, and to do myself with my family.


Because it brings a big smile to one’s face (the receiver and the giver).

And, It can be great as a business building strategy, too.

That is why I am doing this free interactive webinar, this Tuesday, with Ed Castro

My friend, and NALP board member Shayne Newman (President of Yard Apes in CT) once confided in me that he built his business as a vehicle so he could give back. It was the main purpose of this business. He has an abundance mindset, do you?

While not everyone gives as much Shayne does, many businesses want to give and learn how to do it right, so its win-win. This is why I have invited Ed Castro (President of Ed Castro Landscaping in Atlanta GA) to speak with me live, July 24, 1pm ET, on the topic of charity and community giving: Giving Back is Good For Business.

We will both share our experiences, and I know Ed has some excellent insights to share, namely, that

  • You have to “insert” yourself into organizations where you want to have an impact.
  • You can make hay at an event by being active “pre and post” event.
  • You can donate time, money or your expertise, and there is a time and place for each of these.

I will also share with you the biggest “giving” blunders I ever made, and how you can avoid the typical blunders and pot holes when it comes to corporate giving.

Ed Castro, who has successfully built an 8-figure landscape business (yes, that’s big) by using this strategy, will share why Giving Back is his favorite strategy.

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