Two Quick Tips On Providing Undeniable “Value”

May 23, 2023 | client, Competition, Employees, friendship, Growth Tips, Income, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Peer Groups, Planning, Pricing, Productivity, Strategy, Training

In March, I wrote that the common industry expression “100 days of hell” should be changed to “100 days to sell.”

It’s more upbeat and helps your team stay optimistic in tough times.

Here are two quick tips to keep you sane and selling in the 100 days of sales.

1. Chance favors the quick.

Justin Queen from Sales Engine reminded me of the statistic that 70% of clients buy from the first company that responds and makes a favorable connection.

Keep in mind: The grind is harder this year than in the past (according to our 125 peer group members), but the margins are there, and it does seem easier to staff.

So keep smiling and provide undeniable value by committing to responsiveness and “timely” turn-arounds.

Do this and you’ll win the year!

2. Higher costs, higher resale values.

A recent conversation with a coaching client affirmed an important thesis of mine.

“Homes renovated with a beautiful outdoor living environment are easier to sell”

With the 40yr cocooning trend still going strong after all these years, resale home values will be bolstered when a homes’ outdoor living spaces are thoughtfully designed and maintained.

So when your clients are surprised by the higher cost of landscape materials (and labor), you can also educate them on the higher resale value of their landscaped homes.

A beautiful landscape is worth the investment, and will make their family happier.

Costs are up, but so is the value.

It won’t be an easy sale, at least not this year compared to previous years.

Your Challenge: Stay Optimistic and Keep Educating your Sales Team

Easy street may come and go, but smart entrepreneurs are always ready to grind and pivot.

Stay innovative and networked with other smart landscape entrepreneurs, and you will always find a new way to move forward.

Just don’t let go of your integrity and values, they never go out of style.

When you look back at your accomplishments, you will remember the relationships and people you impacted more than anything else.

Happy Memorial Day – Remember those who gave their life so you could live out your dreams.

From my family to yours!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!