Use Vacation To Empower Yourself And Your Team

Jun 4, 2024 | Employees, Growth Tips, Leadership, Planning

With summer fast approaching, many of you are looking forward to your vacation.

But what’s the true value of going on vacation?

It may be a silly question.

The straightforward answer is to take a break and relax, build family memories, and/or do site seeing.

I did just that this past two weeks in France — more on that later.

But there are THREE other HUGE benefits of vacation.

1. Develop the Next Big Idea.

It’s proven that when you take a break and give your subconscious room to brainstorm, that you can come up with great new ideas.

For example, Lin-Manuel Miranda conceived of the famous Broadway hit “Hamilton” while on vacation.

“It’s no accident that the best idea I’ve ever had in my life came to me on vacation,” he shared. “The moment my brain got a moment’s rest, Hamilton walked into it.”

2. Test Your People, Org chart and Systems.

Your company’s (or division’s) ability to run without you is a testament to what you have built.

Good people, systems, and empowerment/development—will all show through when you take a few weeks off.

You will see both the strengths and the weaknesses of your team.

The key is: When you return, don’t just jump back in!

Instead, spend a day or two assessing the successes of your people and the holes in your systems and structure.

3. Open Your Mind; Reignite Your Curiosity.

My expectations were low when my wife started planning our trip to Bordeaux and Burgundy, France.

I’ll admit my view of the French was tainted by an earlier trip to Paris and by what I saw on TV.

I thought of them as rude, arrogant and even lazy.

My experience this Spring was eye opening.

Sure, there were some negatives

  • Too many people smoke cigarettes in public
  • The coffee is not great.

The positives were abundant

  • Everyone was gracious
  • The rolling hills and vistas are stunning
  • The varieties of wine are mind blowing
  • The roads are in great shape,
  • The use of rotaries (instead of stop lights) made driving easy and fun. It reminded me of the race track with the low curbs on every turn. Vroom Vroom!
  • Great 3-hour meals with oysters, seafood and game
  • A rich and detailed history

We also had a blast e-biking through the hilly vineyards of Burgundy.

My mind was completely opened regarding France.

Your Challenge: Develop Your Company To Support Your Larger Goals.

Last year we started working with Craig Attkisson from Green Side Up Landscaping in Richmond, Virginia

His long-term goal was to take a month off from work.

Within 12 months of collaborating he was able to travel mid-summer to Australia for a month long sabbatical.

His team and partners ran the business quite smoothly.

When he returned, he was able to see what worked well, and what needed improving.

We made more big changes and now he has even bigger vacation plans this year.

My point of sharing this: Your business dreams should not override your personal dreams, they should support them.

Make vacation part of your learning goals AND as a way to build a stronger business.

Regards, Jeffrey Scott

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