Want to Serve Your Clients Well? Charge More

Jul 5, 2021 | Growth Tips, Income

Charge more – sound counterintuitive?

Maybe so. But when you charge more, you can hire and retain better employees.

And you can offer benefits to your employees to keep the great ones around.

When you charge more…keeping up with or ahead of inflation…

You can buy better tools and upgrade equipment to help you do your job better (many contractors do not charge enough to cover equipment replacement costs).

Want to serve your clients well? Charge more - sound counterintuitive? Maybe so. But when you charge more, you can hire and retain better employees. Click To Tweet


When you charge more… or for some of you, it is estimating more accurately for the average abilities of your crew, or for taking the unknowns into account…

You can stay proactively flush with cash so that you can stay focused to your clients’ needs and stand behind your work.

When you charge more…at least for the additional products and services you sell…

You can afford key hires like in-house recruiter, human resources, sales manager or general manager, to take your business to the next level.

When you charge more…or add on new services where you can charge more…

You can afford training or hire a business coach to help you improve your sales effectiveness, client experience, overall financial management and clarify your growth strategy.

When you charge more… or for some of you let’s call this “charge appropriately“…

Not only are you serving your client better, but you’re serving yourself and your family better by making an appropriate return on investment for all the hard work you’re putting in.

You might even take a once in a lifetime vacation and make some remarkable memories.

Charge more so that you can serve everyone well.

In my peer group network, these are all common topics: strategic pricing, financial management, and enjoying the once in a lifetime experiences you and your family deserves.

Your Challenge:

Identifying where you need to charge more vs where you need to improve revenue, improve efficiencies, and improve your service mix.

There is a specific science to (what I call) the financial engineering of your company.

It includes having the courage to charge more in the appropriate places and developing the strategy to put yourself in front of the right prospects…where you can charge more.

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