We All Need Heroes To Empower Us

Jun 20, 2023 | Employees, friendship, Growth Tips, Peer Groups

We all need heroes to inspire and empower us. To show us the way.

Life would be difficult without them.

I am writing this on Father’s Day, thinking about my Dad, who eventually became my hero.

But he didn’t start out that way.

He was not a typical father. He didn’t come to my games, he didn’t play ball with me, and he was not active at my school.

I remember coaxing him outside to toss the football with me once, and that lasted about 4 tosses.

He was wired differently from most people.

My Dad is an Artist and an Entrepreneur.

We did spend time together which I remember fondly, at the dinner table every night and on family vacations.

Yet even our vacations were different.

We would either go visit family or take trips to New York City to “get culture” and see something artistic.

My dad would take us to musicals, art museums or classical concerts.

I recall being dragged to operas with him where I would try to sleep in my seat, or simply bored stiff counting the very slow seconds to go home.

It all seemed like a drag back then, but of course now I am thankful for the experiences.

Understanding The Man

As I grew older, I began to understand my Dad as a man, and as the creative artist he had become.

He was not just a big-thinking landscape creator (founding member of the APLD), but also the creator of a unique business.

Art, Business and Marketing

He loved serving clients, as well as the “art and science” of marketing, and always spoke reverently about both.

The more I learned about his passions for “art, business and marketing”, the more I came to admire everything he had created and provided for me and my four sib’s.

As my own passions grew, I tapped into what I learned from my dad.

And as a wise old man, he still helps me with numerous challenges of family and life.

Who is Your Hero?

We all need heroes.

Even Elon Musk needs heroes. He reads biographies of the greats to learn from their lessons.

Heroes serve big needs in our life. They…

  • Give us hope
  • Inspire us to keep trudging forward when life gets difficult
  • Validate our world view and values
  • Provide amazing and entertaining stories
  • Bring meaning and purpose to our lives
  • Show us the path forward

Your challenge: Be that hero to others.

You can be a hero to your spouse and children of course.

You can also be a hero to your peers, community and your employees.

Believe in yourself, follow your own path forward and inspire others.

In the words of Christopher Reeve, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

If your heroes are alive today, take time to thank them.

Thanks Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott