We Are Starting a New Group

Jan 25, 2017 | Growth Tips

We are officially starting a new landscape (Leader’s Edge) peer group, this one is for companies under $2 million. I have had an overwhelming response and the group is half full already. We will be meeting March 25 and 26th in CT. Let me know soon if you have interest, and I will tell you if there is a spot for you. I am looking for company owners who have big goals they want to achieve and are looking to improve. Is that you?

(P.S. If you are over 2 million, I also have spots open in groups of larger company size. Email me and I will send a brochure.)

Webinar last call: We set a record for the number of sign ups for our webinar, The Contractor Conversation Series. This is your last chance to register and enjoy it free – it starts today at 1pm. As a registrant you will get the recordings of all three webinars, where I am interviewing 10 of our industry’s most successful landscape entrepreneurs.

Register Here

$1,000 Discount: As part of the fun, in honor of the webinar I decided to offer a $1,000 discount to anyone who signs up this month to join my peer group.  This offer was made known to the webinar registrants and is valid through today, Jan 24. (I will extend it to month end if you let me know your interest today.)

Five advantages…that Jeffrey’s Leader’s Edge landscape peer group members have over their competition. You will:

  1. Get smarter faster. Our benchmarking is the industry’s best. This winter we are benchmarking admin overhead and divisional gross profit.
  2. Achieve extra ordinary results with our support tools and systems. As Chris Imlach, President of Swazy & Alexander, shared with me “Jeffrey holds you accountable. He doesn’t accept less than your best thoughtful effort… The result, we grew 250%, improved profit by 13 points, and I am taking a 4 week vacation with my family this summer!”
  3. Enjoy access to the very best business acumen, vendors and experts–our peer group network is the largest and we have cultivated a deep industry network.
  4. Solve your problems faster, because we attract like-minded landscape entrepreneurs and have created an environment of unparalleled sharing and collaboration.
  5. Lastly, I care about your personal success! I will fight for you.

In the words of Paul Reder, Reder Landscaping, Michigan, “We wished we had worked with Jeffrey 10 years ago,  glad we pulled the trigger and did it now”.