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in partnership with
Jeffrey Scott Consulting

Webinar: The Power of a Peer Group

Supercharge your business – and gain a competitive advantage – by becoming a member of a high impact peer group.

It’s lonely at the top, but it doesn’t need to be. Smart landscape business owners are using peer groups to speed up their growth and surround themselves with a supportive set of peers.

Jeffrey Scott shares the 6 unique benefits of his high-impact Leader’s Edge Peer Group™ community that he founded fifteen years ago.

Jeffrey will be joined by Sean Baxter, a longtime client and now associate of Jeffrey Scott Consulting, to share his experiences early on and how membership in The Leader’s Edge Peer Group helped him achieve goals beyond his wildest dreams.

May 3rd at 12ET, 11am CT

Join us May 3rd at 12 ET (11am CT) where we share what you can expect by being a unique Landscape Peer Group member!

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