WEBINAR: Why Incentives and Bonus Plans Backfire… and How to Fix Them

Jul 2, 2024 | Employee Retention, Growth Tips, Management, Pricing, Webinar

Happy 4th of July!

This holiday commemorates our original colonies coming together (in congress) to declare independence.

Together is the key word.

Our power as a nation comes from our grit, industriousness, innovation, spirit and ultimately our working together to overcome our differences.

Hope you have plans to enjoy this holiday together with those you love.

My wife and I will be with friends, boating on Blue Ridge Lake in GA.

Webinar: Next week, July 10th at 12 noon EST

Next week I will be holding a free webinar (sponsored by Team Engine) on the topic of improving your commission, bonus, profit sharing and incentive plans.

We will cover common challenges with these plans, and how to either prevent them or address them head on.

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Webinar Description:

Commission plans, profit sharing, bonus plans, and other incentives often backfire, leading to a demotivated work environment and under performance by your team.

Even when they work initially, circumstances change and suddenly you get grumbling, under performance, and other problems surface on the team.

Or you set up an incentive system and it actually dis-incentivizes your people.

In this webinar Jeffrey Scott will review the common problems and how to avoid and overcome them.

Interactive learning

Come with your questions, as we will have Q/A at the end of the webinar.

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!