What, Are you Crazy?

Feb 13, 2018 | Growth Tips

Are your employees calling you crazy? If not, then something is wrong.

As a bold leader in today’s market, you always want to be pushing the envelope on developing some new part of your business; be it a new software, a new price point, a new efficiency goal, a new standard of customer servicer, a new market, etc.

You get the point.

Granted, some companies take a year to digest changes from the previous years, but bold leaders don’t let their organization or themselves get comfortable. You can’t afford to be complacent.

Andy Grove (ex-CEO of Intel) said it best, 20 years ago in his seminal book “Only the Paranoid Survive.” He learned that when you are successful, everyone wants a chuck out of your business, until competition heats up so much that you have to change your business model. And if you don’t change, the market will eventually shift and force you to change.

He noted that “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”

A Mardi Gras example. I spent a couple days with a crazy group of Irrigation Leaders down in New Orleans. We enjoyed the parades of Mardi Gras and we challenged each other with ideas on how to grow smarter and stronger. One of the members explained how he priced out his services and the lucrative rates he is earning using upfront pricing. He caught everyone’s attention with his novel approach to expansion as well. He was crazy like a fox, and everyone was inspired.

As leaders we need to constantly find new ways to inspire our people and ourselves, in order to evolve, learn and grow.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea. If your employees are not saying (or at least thinking) “What, are you crazy?” then you are moving too slow in the development of your business.

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