What Does Mariani Do Uniquely Well? (Part 1)

Apr 11, 2023 | client, Employee Retention, Employees, Growth Tips, Leadership, Management, Peer Groups

For anyone who watches the show, Shark Tank, you have learned how the Sharks love companies with a unique, hard-to-copy product.

It’s even more important for the Sharks that this uniqueness is translated into strong sales and profits.

In prep for my Summer Growth Summit, I asked the marketing director at Mariani Landscape, Andrew Gross:What does Mariani do uniquely well?

He shared with me 3 eye-opening answers.

Over the next two weeks I am going to share those responses with you, in two parts. Here is Part 1.

Note, I have included my own assessment on “What it means to you.”

1. Mariani does “People Development” Uniquely well.

Mariani has an incredible 49 associates with 25 or more years of experience with the company. That’s very hard to replicate.

It’s a testament to the strength of their clients, culture and commitment to employee development.

Many of these people joined the company as their first job out of school and have progressed through multiple roles to be in leadership positions today.

A great example is Todd Vena, VP of Maintenance Production.

Todd started working summers in the greenhouse and on construction crews during high school and college; and then joined the Mariani construction team full time after college.

He worked in design/build project management, and then shifted into maintenance production.

He started off as a maintenance scheduler, working his way up to leading this 500+ person division. You will get to meet him during our Summer Growth Summit.

What it means to you:

It’s not enough to be a great recruiter, you have to build a Destination Company® where your good employees can plant and grow their career. It takes a relentless focus to both developing employees and to growing their career opportunities for this to work well.

Growth is never for your own ego’ sake. It is for your employee’s sake and to your client’s benefit.

2. Mariani understands the “magnetic pride of large complex jobs”

Mariani has developed the skill to tackle long-term, complex transformational client projects.

It requires all facets of the Mariani company to participate. This results in a thrilling and engaging experience for everyone internally.

Externally, it is great PR, which helps with both marketing and recruiting efforts.

A great example is the “Ravine Restored” project that just received the judges award from ILCA.

This project was originally started by Rocco Fiore and Sons which then merged into Mariani in 2021.

It reflects a 20 year commitment to restore and enhance a Ravine to the way nature intended it to be.

The sheer scope of the project has been enormous and reflects the ability of their combined teams to take on these challenges.

What it means to you:
When you take on a large job for your size company (whatever you consider large relative to your current size), get everyone in the company engaged and let everyone share in the excitement. This will strengthen your culture and get your company poised for the next incremental challenge.

Taking this approach will develop your company’s skill for teamwork and implementation.

Your Challenge: Have a bold five-year vision to keep your eye on the prize.

Both of these examples from Mariani require a bold vision.

Don’t be afraid to shoot for the moon, and to engage all your leaders in your high ambitions.

If you don’t have a clear five-year vision, start putting one together this year.

As you build your vision, get everyone adding their two cents to how to implement. Get full buy in!

Fun next step: Ask your team, “what makes us unique?” And see what they say…

Regards, Jeffrey Scott

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