Where Did Exceptional Customer Service Go?

Jun 4, 2019 | Growth Tips

Everyone is in a rush these days. Company leaders rarely focus on exceptional customer service any more.

Yet, to differentiate your landscape “services” business, exceptional service makes all the difference.

After 2008, companies started slashing overhead, competing on price, and customer service dropped out of sight. Now that the economy has picked up, many companies seem too busy to care?

And yet the smart money always wants better service.

Outside Unlimited, Inc, led by my client Jim Yannie has built their multi-branch business on their ability to mimic Amazon: They will give quick turnaround on small requests, and keep a keen eye on the details.

Jim is an exception: he obsesses about customer service, trains on it constantly, and ensures that they hire for this “value” even as they scale their business.

Exceptional service is no accident, it has to be modeled, taught and expected, from the top down.

For example, last week I flew on American Airlines for my daughter’s graduation: our stewardess was rude, the flights were unorganized, and my family was not happy. We won’t fly them again. It makes me wonder what their leadership focuses on?

Delta airlines on the other hand is very focused on building their team and giving great service. As a result, I keep returning, and they are doing great.

This spring they paid out $1.3B in profit sharing. Their CEO walks the talk! Do you?

Your Challenge: Build your operational approach so that your clients feel the love and become addicted to your service. This will set you up against a possible slowdown.

Like in the case of American Airlines, If you and your leadership team don’t make it a constant topic, it won’t trickle down and it won’t happen.

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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