Who is supporting you?

Oct 16, 2018 | Growth Tips

Behind all effective owners and CEOs there is a competent second-in-command (or multiple seconds in command) who frees up the owner’s time, so the owner can focus on his or her unique skill. This allows the owner to shine, have joy, and drive their company forward…with contagious energy.

The key to an effective second-in-command is that they bring skills that are complementary to the leader.

This sounds easy on paper, but it takes real self-awareness on the leader’s part to identify (and admit) their true strengths and their relative weaknesses.

The leader must then search out and develop the right co-leader to be a #2. It becomes a collaborative partnership between the CEO and their #2s.

You may already have these key positions (GM, Division Leaders) filled. But do these people truly support you, so you have the time and brain space to focus on growth (of yourself, your people, your company)?

I just spent a few days at a Virginia company where the owner had to face the fact that his strengths are narrower than he had presumed, but they are also very strong. I showed him how his company would triple in size—and how he would dominate his market—when he re-positioned himself into his area of unique strength.

And he will be much happier to boot. When you are happier, everyone around you is happier and more productive.

Your Challenge: Ask people you trust (in your company and in your network) what your unique strengths are, and what your blind spots are.

Take some time to reflect on your deepest professional and personal goals, and what you would need to delegate to a highly competent #2 in order to reach your goals.

Regards, Jeffrey!

P.S. In January I will be sharing with you the seven advantages to hiring a second in command (complementary skills is just one of the seven.) You will learn how to unleash growth by creating effective collaborative relationships. Go here to learn about this 2-day learning experience.