Who is your Brand Ambassador?

Mar 5, 2019 | Growth Tips

Way back when I first entered this industry, my father told me, “you are not in the landscape business, you are in the marketing business.” It was eye opening, and served me well in growing sales, markets and profits.

As the industry evolved, I shifted that mantra to: “You are in the people business.” And based my book, Become A Destination Company® on that theme.

Now I’m coming full circle: You are still in the marketing business!!

Because it takes marketing and branding mindset to really thrive in today’s economy, here is how:

Recruiting is a marketing game that must be won on all fronts in order to attract great employees. Your social media alone should show why you are THE company to work for in your market. I follow the best companies in the industry who constantly show their internal story to the world. They brand their culture and make it magnetic.

Selling is also a marketing and branding game, because to reach the highest margins (higher than 10% NP) and to continue to scale your business, you must lead your company in being choosy who you work for, and in pricing the work so it fuels your success.

I recently ran a high-charged peer group meeting, where I was jumping up and down to make these points.

Two examples:

Ann (from Pennsylvania) has built a superb business and a clear niche; she was worried about the prospects telling her “no”, and was reticent to raise her prices to match her brand. IMO she was leaving money on the table with the clients who were saying “Yes”.

Forget the No’s and invest your time with the Yes’s.

Tim (from Colorado) brings operational excellence to his business and the phone rings, but how will he staff this accelerating growth, and get the proper return on investment to build his war chest? By becoming his company’s Brand Ambassador, and by making marketing (for better employees and better clients) one of his core skills. He is doing just that, and his phone rings with employees.

Who is your company’s Brand (and Marketing) Ambassador? The owner can’t delegate this, though your sales manager can support it.

Your Challenge to Consider: Are you riding the wave of the economy with a surfboard called complacency? or with a turbo charged approach to building your brand and your marketing and business development engine?

BTW, if you are growing steadily by referrals, then you may be under skilled in the marketing and recruiting game, which could then get you in trouble in the next downturn. Get ahead of the game now!

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