Who Let Your Dog Out?

Aug 29, 2017 | Growth Tips

The dog days of summer are peaking, and fall weather will soon be upon us. As the leader of your firm (or department), you have hopefully taken a break, reconnected to nature, and had time for your family and some good ol’ fashion recreation.  (Note: when you separate the word “recreation”, you get two words: re-creation. It means to restore, recover, clear your mind, and re-build your soul.

How about your employees? 

Have they been able to take a break (assuming they want one), recharge themselves, and prepare for the fourth quarter charge to the finish line?  As leaders we need to ensure that all the other leaders and hard workers in our firm are achieving their own recreation. It takes a fully engaged mind and body to sprint through the tape and finish the year strong.

Reconnect to nature

Personally, I find it important to reconnect to nature every week, and if possible every day.  I walk through the woods every morning with my dog, Aspen, clear my mind, reflect, and prepare myself for the day. On the weekend, or after work when possible, I will take my dog mountain biking (Yep, I go biking around a mountain, and my dog Aspen chases me…or chases squirrels and deer, in which case I end up chasing her.)

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea: If you operate more like a first class coach, keeping your team healthy and focused, you will tend to win more games like a first class team.

Take Action: Keep safety front and center especially as people get tired. Spend time team building even if it just means frequent BBQs. Allow for breaks to ensure your team stays recharged and productive. Keep the why clear for everyone—connect the dots—so your team remains motivated and hard charging to the end.