Why Some Teams Are Unstoppable?!

Oct 30, 2018 | Growth Tips

Imagine what you could achieve, if your company performed as well as the best teams in baseball or football or (pick your sport)

(Note: Even if you don’t follow sports, you will enjoy this newsletter, keep reading)

This newsletter is inspired by the domination of the Boston Red Sox this season. (You will have to excuse me, I suffered for decades as a fan when all they did was disappoint, so I am now enjoying the winning.)

Why was their team so unstoppable this season?

Here are seven lessons you can apply to business:

  1. Quick Communication: The coach of the team, Alex Cora, always shares any changes he makes immediately with the people it affects. No one on his team is ever in the dark as to where they stand or what their role is. This proactive communication and clarity breeds trust and loyalty.
  2. Be Creative: He is also very creative, willing to make out of-the-box decisions and then stick with them. He is a student of the game, and he exudes confidence.
  3. “Showing” trust: He shows trust in his people, he empowers them to take responsibility and get the job done. Even after they fail, he continues to show trust. This trust and respect is then reciprocated. This builds the team confidence, one player at a time. What is your philosophy for building up your team’s confidence?
  4. Seniors lead: The senior ball players are very involved in the team learning. They help others learn, they lead by example, and they set the tone for the newer members. Does this happen in your company?
  5. Diversity: The Red Sox are not afraid to spend money on talent. And they chose strategically to bring in talent that will complement their team. The team has strength in diversity. In any situation, the team can call on a player to help them win a game. Have you built up a diverse team?
  6. Both/And: They have both strong pitching and hitting. It’s similar to your firm having both strong sales and operational excellence. Do you?
  7. Smiles and Laughter: The teammates get along well and have fun, you can see it in their eyes, in their laughter, on the field. It’s contagious!

To field the best team, you must make intentional decisions, every day as leader and as architect of your team.