Winning the World Series of Landscaping

Nov 9, 2016 | Growth Tips

Landscaping and baseball are similar. To win at baseball you have to grind it out every day–through injuries, bad weather and long days and nights. You have to work hard all year through the Fall. The same goes for landscaping and any contracting field–you must finish the year strong in order to reach your true potential and maximize year-end profitability.

Whether you are a Cleveland Indians or Chicago Cubs fan, or just an interested onlooker, you can learn valuable lessons from how each team competed in the World Series and how each manager (Cleveland’s Terry Francona and Chicago’s Joe Maddon) led their teams.


  1. You must be in it to win it: Your team must still be selling and producing work at a strong pace.
  2. Each player must support and believe in one another, grinding it out together every day.
  3. Individual goals must be set aside for the common goal.
  4. It helps immeasurably if you enjoy your position and enjoy the work.
  5. Don’t give up when you have a tough day, work through the struggles with a positive attitude.
  6. Put your best effort forward every day, the minute you step on the field–or into your yard or on a job site.
  7. Keep perspective. As Joe Maddon says, “Don’t ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure.”
  8. Be relentlessly positive.