You Missed This Great Interview


Because of the recent bad weather, or in case you simply missed it, here is a recording of the 30 minute webinar interview I held on Friday with Teddy Russell, CEO of the 30 million Russell Landscape Group in GA.

It received rave reviews!

He shared the secret to their growth from $3 million up to $30 million, and the role of his #2 in powering their recent growth. It’s very insightful on how to grow in all economies.

He also unveiled different systems they use to power employee retention, development and efficiency; and I shared the four simple metrics that encapsulate success for any division manager.

Here is the link to watch the recorded webinar.

Note: This is the last day to claim the “Super” Early Bird discount for my Atlanta workshop, where Teddy and I are speaking: The Power of Collaborative Leadership.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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