You need a more professional marketing strategy in 2024

Dec 12, 2023 | Financial, Growth Tips, Income, Management, Marketing, Planning, Pricing, Strategy

What’s your 2024 marketing strategy?

This was the question at two recent Leader’s Edge peer group meetings.

I am going to lay out some answers here for you.

We recently visited Gardens of Babylon in Nashville, a long-standing peer group member, with one of the strongest growth trends in our community.

At the meeting they presented their most important systems, including marketing.

Here are some of the nuggets from all these marketing discussions:

Marketing Nuggets for 2024.

While google ad words and presence remains important in most markets, google search is decreasing as the driving search engine.

Increasingly more people are using social media to search.

Prospects may google you to look up your number, but to do their initial exploration, social media is increasingly important.

It’s no longer the realm of the DIY amateur; you need marketing and videographer professionals to do this right.

YouTube is high on the list where people go to educate themselves.

Two tactics that are effective on You Tube and other social media:

  1. Before/after videos,
  2. Educating your audience as a way to promote your services.

Other tactics to consider:

  1. Promoting events and specials you are having
  2. Hitching to current trends (music, memes, and other things are culturally current.)

2024 Trends

Three top trends to consider as you build out your marketing.

1. Staycations. (which have been a trend since Faith Popcorn started talking about this in 1981.)

This trend is still on point, and more important than ever given the changes in work and play.

2. Comfortable spaces. It’s a cousin of staycation, and talks about the need to have a place to enjoy your life and protect yourself from the chaos out in the world.

3. Authenticity. This is a character trait that all leaders and companies should embrace, whether you are doing internal marketing or external!

Here are some examples on what this means:

  • Being personal, making things not just about business, but about the fuller definition of you.
  • Face to face: Using your face and your people’s faces. Humans are attracted to humans. Show the happy faces.
  • Talking one-on-one. Pro Tip: Imagine one specific person you know, as you write or record your message.
  • Use plain language. For example: You may love your Latin terms, or technical terms, but don’t lose us in the process.
  • Be open and honest. It’s ok to make mistakes, to admit difficulty, to show your own struggles.

Caveat – Manage the “story”: Don’t let your team drive their own personal flavors, you need a company-wide messaging strategy.

What about client referrals

It’s one of those balancing acts.

Stay in touch weekly to drive engagement, but do not rely on referrals and word of mouth, no matter how strong they are.

Your challenge – Become the Expert.

Measure what works: Be prepared to be surprised:

  • For example, depending on your niche, good ol’ fashion marketing mailers will still bring in work.
  • Some of your best lead gen may be coming from business development and networking; don’t lose sight of that.

Give marketing as much credence as sales.

  1. Use a reliable CRM
  2. Become an expert in what works for you.

This is not an expense to minimize, rather it’s an investment you should optimize.

Spending 2-3% is not out of the norm (and of course more in some sectors).

Marketing needs constant attention.

It needs accountability and you staying involved to maximize your ROI.

Take time to inspect, double check what they are doing. Be a squeaky wheel.

OK, over to you. What’s your plan?

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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