Your Clients Can’t Remember Your Name.

Apr 9, 2019 | Growth Tips

Last Saturday I asked a friend (that I met at the motorsport track) about the landscape company he uses. He had good things to say about them, but he could not recall the company. He stumbled trying to recall their exact name.

I hear this often.

“I like my guys/gals but their name escapes me.”

How can you expect to maximize your lead flow and good will, when your company name doesn’t roll off your client’s tongue?

Three tips to improve your flow of client referrals:

Tip 1. Have your marketing and sales people keep you top of mind with your clients – with daily (social media), weekly and monthly outreach.

Tip 2. Ensure your branding is memorable, and repeated in every visual and verbal interaction.

Tip 3. Stand out in the crowd, by making a positive impression with every interaction. Your clients are out on their properties, it is time to make an impact: The warm smile and wave from your crews, the inviting voice on the phone call, the prompt follow up, the please and thank you, the personal touch with each interaction that makes them feel special.

Your challenge: make your company name easier to remember, and worth remembering!

P.S. Maybe you are simply too busy to care?

When the economy is booming everyone looks like a genius, but do you have the name recognition to power your growth all year long and into next year?