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Chris Vedrani, President, Planted Earth Landscaping, MD.

“We used to be a company that was producing a low profit, although the company was growing. We had no real systems in place.

We were at 3-4% net profit and about 3.5 million company; today 3 years later we are a 7-million-dollar company and average 14% net profit and increasing.

Jeffrey helped our entire team realize the importance of tracking/measuring progress…plus he gave me confidence in my role as CEO and assign defined tasks to our management team.

The result is we are now doing incredible work.

Life is still crazy, but we all now have defined roles. I have found myself being able to work on my business, all the while allowing my wife and myself to travel almost at will. Morale has improved and we have developed a sales team that is energized and focused towards our common goals.

Besides all that, Jeffery is just a good guy!”

Greg Wildeboer, CEO, Whispering Pines Landscaping, ON

“Before we started working with Jeffrey in 2015, Whispering Pines was a company that operated without any direction and lacked structure.

Consulting and coaching with Jeffrey helped us build and strengthen our management team, helped us grow our company by over 120%, as well as provide us with the tools and resources to grow and operate under clear metrics.

As an owner, I now have the freedom to provide guidance and direction.”

Almora Hudson, Owner, Heritage Landscapes, CA

“Jeffrey’s coaching over the past 3 years has guided us in becoming strong leaders capable of taking our company to the next level. We are now aligned in our vision and use metrics to set, measure and attain our goals. Participating in Jeffrey’s peer group keeps us engaged and on track. We can’t imagine running our business without Jeffrey’s rigorous insight!”

Mathew Wagoner, President, Landscape Consultants, KS

“When I was advised to seek out professional guidance, I researched industry advisors and, after a conversation with Jeffrey, I decided he could offer the assistance we needed.

The best way to describe the position my company was in would be to drop a bundle of forks on a table to see where they land. We had the business, the team members but no clear direction. Jeffrey, through his consultations and seminars, has given us the tools to set a clear course. All of us together have turned our company in a positive direction.

The development and commitment of everyone on the team has allowed me the time necessary to further develop our business. Knowing and trusting that everyone has our best interest in mind and heart allows me to have some normalcy in my life.

Financially, we have greatly lowered our debt (with our debt-to-equity ratio falling from 7.7 to 1.1) and our gross profit margin has jumped 7 points and climbing.”

Kevin Schindler, President, Autumn Leaf Landscaping, OR

“We initially struggled with growth and understanding where we should be with our numbers and our people strategy. Joining Jeffrey’s peer group gave us the confidence and encouragement we needed to fine tune our operations and grow with confidence.

It has helped us work through many economic and personnel challenges. Jeffrey has also shown us how to increase our prices and strive for higher profitability than we thought possible.

When faced with questions, all we have to do is turn to Jeffrey and our group. As an entrepreneur, I am in a much better place financially and mentally!

I have now shifted my mindset from operator, to owner, to investor.”

Arnie Arsenault

Arnie Arsenault, President, A. Arsenault & Sons, MA

“Before we started working with Jeffrey, our company was growing annually and all appeared to be going well, but I was clearly working my way towards a burn-out.

Initially we hired Jeffrey to do a complete analysis of our organization. We attended a strategic planning session at his office and knew we needed to hire Jeffrey for at least a year to hold all of us accountable to change and improve our company’s direction.

We are going into our 3rd year of working with Jeffrey and I am happy to say I no longer feel burnt out. Jeffrey is helping us build a Destination Company®. We continue to improve the direction of our organization, we are continuously improving how we operate financially and work towards 20% net profits.

I attended Jeffrey Scott’s workshop Become A Destination Company® with the goal to have our organization become just that in our area. The workshop has become a blueprint for the continued improvements we make annually within our organization and on our journey to becoming A Destination Company®.”

Traven Pelletier, Owner, Lotus Gardenscapes, MI

“Back in early 2016, my company was growing uncontrollably with no financial/business growth management system in place. Personally, I was under water.

Joining one of Jeffrey’s Peer Groups gave me an instant board of directors with all the skills and advice that I needed. I was very impressed with the caliber of the participants and what they were able to achieve in their companies.

The group learning and implementing Jeffrey’s financial systems helped me educate myself and my team. I quickly started making progress on what initially seemed like a very daunting task.

I now have a great leadership team that enables me to take off for a month at a time, and leave the reins of my company in the trusted hands of my staff. We broke the 20% net profit barrier! As an artist, I now have time to use my creative talents for design/sales and building a vision for my company.”

Loriena Harrington

Loriena Harrington, Beautiful Blooms Landscape & Design, WI

“We have quadrupled since working with Jeffrey and our strategy is now laser focused. Jeffrey challenges you to find new solutions to old problems that will work for you. He provokes you to think for yourself and teaches you to use simple logic to solve issues. He provides vast knowledge and proprietary tools that enable you to move your business to a higher level.”

Mark Smith, Owner, Smith Landscapes, MI

“Two to three years ago we went week by week not knowing if we were going to make payroll. We were at a point of selling a lot of our equipment to make ends meet. That’s when I knew it was time to get help!

Working with Jeffrey has allowed us to climb out of our hole and transform our company into a 15% net profit operating a successful business and we are still gaining traction. Jeffrey taught us the importance of success and measured success; money will follow this.

These are the Requirements we had to make this happen…

• Be driven
• Turn failures into strengths
• Don’t let fear dictate your life
• Become open minded. Shift your paradigm to a positive mind set
• Buy in from your team
• Be all in!

Being a member of one of Jeffrey’s peer groups is priceless: The networking, the friendships and the knowledge gained has transformed my whole business.

This train isn’t stopping for anyone. Our company has a long way to go, there’s no doubt, but it sure feels good to make these leap and bounds in such a short amount of time.”

Tim Gardiner, President, Meridian Landscaping, VA

“The first time we worked with Jeffrey was in 2015. We were a small company with no vision and barely surviving. Because we took Jeffrey’s advice to heart and implemented the tools he provided to us, we have grown to 5 times our original size.

We recently spent several days in New Orleans mapping out a 5 year plan that is bold and, most importantly, achievable. Jeffrey does a great job of peeling back each layer of the company to help uncover all types of issues and potential roadblocks to growth and profitability. He provided us with a blueprint that will help us scale our continued growth.

The entire team walked away energized and excited about the work and potential ahead of us!!”

Sam Bauman, Co-owner, Earthscape, Ontario

“We had been missing a strategic plan to ensure what we are doing today is in line with where we want to be in 5-10 years.

Jeffrey has a knack for asking the right questions, and providing invaluable advice to help us achieve our long term goals.

Since we hired Jeffrey as a consultant almost 3 years ago, our revenue has increased from 3M to 8M, and our profit has increased by 300%.

Although improvement never stops, my work/life balance and free time has greatly improved, and our team has the right metrics to ensure our short term goals are in line with our long term goals! We can’t imagine life without his services.”

Sean Baxter, President, Lawn & Landscape Solutions, KS

“Following Jeffrey’s philosophy on how to grow and run a successful and scalable business has allowed me to take my family on the road for a week at a time every month. None of that would have been possible without Jeffrey’s advice and vision. I have successfully increased my net profits by 25% while working less and spending more time with my family.”

John Puryear, President, Puryear Farms, TN

“Before joining Jeffrey’s peer group, I was burdened with the responsibilities of leading a team without the benefit of collaborative decision making and the collective experience of others within my industry. All progress forward came at the cost of expensive mistakes along the way and I lost several good employees due to my failure to create a pathway for success for all.

Participating in a peer group has been similar to earning a second university degree. The real benefit of attending any university is that you open your mind to new ideas and gain fresh perspectives on how to approach challenges. A peer group painfully eliminates your blind spots and serves as a catalyst for change. Without Jeffrey’s leadership, the peer group would lose focus and the synergy would dissipate.

Prior to joining the group, I worked long hours “in my business” and had very little time for strategic initiatives. Today, I spend 100% of my time working “on the business” and have completely removed myself from daily operations. We have tripled our net profit margin and have built an organization that will long survive me.”

John Puryear

Ed Villegas, President, Villegas Landscaping, NY

“Prior to working with Jeffrey in 2019, there were no clearly defined roles or metrics.

Our team was unsure what their roles were or if they were meeting expectations.

Through a strategic planning session in New Orleans, Jeffery was able to show us quickly where the overlap and redundancies were within our organization. With his ability to cut through the confusion we came away with goals and an action plan for the next 1-3 years to move the company forward, and clearly defined roles and metrics for our team to follow.

Now, using the “stay in your lane mentality” our team comes to work with a clear purpose. They know what success looks like and they have the tools to win.”

Dale Drier, GM, Drost Landscape, MI

“We started working with Jeffrey in 2014. Our company’s profitability was at an all-time low, there was no culture, and most operations were unorganized. Jeffrey visited our operations, met the team and helped align the organization from the top down. He helped us develop and implement processes that allowed us to measure, create goals and compare results.

We now operate with an increased profitability of 15 points higher, we have almost tripled revenue and continue to grow, our team members have clear responsibilities and culture has improved tremendously. Bob Drost, our owner, has more discretionary time to pursue personal goals, improve networking, work on the business, and go to Florida in the winter.”

Dale Drier
Kristi Delima

Kristi Delima, President, Snips, ON

“In 2017 I found myself stuck in a huge rut and ready to give up on owning my own landscaping business. I wasn’t happy with how things were going and was burning out. We had no accountability or systems and had low morale within the business. I wasn’t proud of my business and was extremely unhappy.

Starting off with Jeffrey’s book, Become a Destination Company® and an initial call, I was able to see that the company was worth the work. Joining the Peer Group made me realize that I was not the only one out there with similar issues.

Jeffrey is to the point and he does not sugar coat. Jeffrey holds you accountable and pushes you to get things done by creating an agenda and a timeline.

I am now able to let go of the reins and delegate, I get to work on the business, spend more time doing things that I enjoy, and recently I was able to take on the care of a foster infant.”

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