Episode #176 – From Military to President of Arbor Masters with Heather Dirksen

Jul 1, 2021 | Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO

Heather Dirksen is President of the $35M Arbor Masters, with 9 branches in five states.

Heather is driven, with many careers: First in the military, then as a civilian air traffic controller, then at the age of 29 she started a flight school to subsidize the cost of flying and earn her commercial rating. After flying professionally, she joined her husband to grow his landscape maintenance company from 250K to 1M in two years before selling it to a local company. Heather joined Arbor Masters in 2017, became President three years later and now spends her time developing people and growing the business.

Jeffrey and Heather discuss a large variety of topics including hiring from the military, how to grow a 35M business, how to manage branch managers, her varied career that led up to her current role as President, and her love for adrenaline.