Podcast Series

Become the Ultimate Landscape CEO: Learn proven business strategies and thought-provoking perspectives to help business owners achieve their ultimate goals in business and in life.

Episode #151 – Conversation With Frank Mariani, Owner of Mariani Landscape

Frank Mariani is the owner of the largest residential landscape firm in the country. It all started back in 1954 when Frank’s dad Vito Mariani came to the US from Italy.

As an industry leader, Frank’s passion is professionalizing the industry and mentoring the next generation.

Jeffrey Scott and Frank Mariani discuss how Mariani Landscape is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, what his new normal looks like and lots of other gems. You will enjoy and feel inspired by their ideas.

Episode #147 – How to turbo-charge your strategic goals with this reframing tip

Why do most strategic goals fail? In this podcast Jeffrey shares his critical insights to make sure your strategic goals are achieved.

Episode #146 – My 2019 landscape industry prediction: #3

Are you going to be replaced by larger organizations that are in your marketplace? What should you do to be prepared?

Episode #145 – My 2019 landscape industry prediction: #2

Build high profit is one of Jeffrey’s prediction for 2019. There are some other important ones revealed in this podcast.