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How Would Your Clients Describe Working With Your Firm?

business owner and client meeting

As a company grows larger, sometimes the clients suffer. We all know that successful owners rely on their people, their systems and a great culture to hold everything together. But is that enough? As your company scales, who is truly looking out for the clients’ best interest? Sometimes clients get lost in the shuffle when …

Become Your Employees Favorite Radio Station

radio on air sign

Over the past two months, I have been coaching leaders on how to inoculate themselves from the predictable bad news. Your employees need the same. If you have watched my videos you have heard me talk about becoming a radio station  for your employees. They hear so much bad and confusing news…they need a constant source …

Are You Using Technology To Create A Competitive Advantage!


Are you using technology to create a competitive advantage? If not, you will get passed by your competition, eventually. I guarantee it! Join me for our FREE Contractor Conversation Webinar Series, this Wednesday, February 7 @ 1pm, EST: Scale Your Landscape Business with Technology and Innovation. Featuring 4 powerful leaders and disruptors in the green …

Is Recruiting Broken?


Remember a while back when finding an employee was more like fishing in a full pond? You had the opportunity to pick and choose, however for the employee it meant ‘really selling yourself’ and working hard to land a good job. These days the tables are turned. And many companies feel that recruiting is broken. …

Surround Yourself With Winners


In this month’s video you will learn about 4 areas in your business where you can (and must) surround yourself with winners, in order to ensure you have a winning year!

This powerful and highly motivating video will show you that the choice is all yours. it is under 2 minutes, watch here.



Join Sabeena Hickman, The Power of Women in Landscaping


Change is affecting every aspect of our lives and business: Economics, people, technologies and business methods are rapidly impacted. We have a new Webinar series: Contractor Conversations 2018. With amazing insights from experts with proven records of success, we will share with you growth strategies that will help you transform your business success. The first …

Something Amazing Happened Last Week


In case you missed the most amazing conference last week, “Effective CEO/COO Partnerships,” here are  10 takeaway’s from the event, as told to me by the participants. I need to plan more “us” time for my COO and myself, in order to do real planning and for me to effectively share the vision and such. …

ANNOUNCING SPECIAL GUEST FOR WEBINAR #5: What is Your 2018 Growth Strategy


Join Jeffrey Scott on Wednesday, November 15, for his fifth webinar, “What is Your 2018 Growth Strategy” GUEST SPEAKER on this webinar will be: Mark Hutten, Owner and Business partner of Hutten & Co, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Register HERE, watch live, and you will also receive the recordings to view afterwards. This is the time to …

Announcing Special Guest for Webinar #4: GROWING A THRIVING FAMILY BUSINESS


Join Jeffrey Scott on Wednesday, October 25th, for his fourth webinar, “Growing a Thriving Family Business”. GUEST SPEAKER on this webinar will be: Seneca Hull, President, Franz Witte Landscape Contracting, Boise, Idaho. Register HERE, watch live, and you will also receive the recordings to view afterwards. For those trying to build a prosperous legacy: At their heart, …

Leading In Lean Times


Some winters are flush with cash and some winters are lean. When winter revenue is low, you may feel like you are in lean times, like Moses wandering through the desert. While this can be a bad feeling, focusing directly on a ‘lack of money’ will make matters worse. I received an email from a …