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What Is The ROI Of Your Best Leaders?

superhero leader

It’s not enough for your best leaders to hit their budgeted goals, support your culture and grow their divisions…there is one more critical thing they need to do. Let me explain with this anecdote: A few weeks ago, a very successful landscape entrepreneur and long time client (of a 20% Net Profit business) shared a …

Technology is Changing the Landscape (of Landscaping)

hand using smart phone

When I landed at the new airport in New Orleans last week, I simply pulled out my phone and quickly caught a ride home (for cheaper than a taxi would charge!) It’s no longer a taxi company giving me a ride, it’s now a “technology” company that has replaced the taxi industry. Automobile companies used …

Is Your Business Boring You?

bulldog bored at business

Do you ever find yourself bored with your current business? Starting and ramping up a business is exciting, however running the day-to-day operations is a whole other thing. Entrepreneurs are classic ‘starters‘, and once the business is up and running, they think about starting the next thing. That drive is life-creating and so important for …

Are you going to GIE + Expo / Landscapes in Louisville?


If you’re coming to the biggest landscape show on earth, the week of October 15th, you won’t be disappointed! Here are 7 opportunities for you to connect with me at this event, and for you to gain more from your visit! Plus there is one extra resource at the very end of this post, that you’ll want …

The Race Is On! But Will YOU Win?


Wouldn’t you love to learn how to raise the competitive spirit of your team? Last week we did just that, with a select group of landscape and irrigation business owners at my Driven To Win event, held at BMW’s high-performance racetrack in S.C.  It was unique and exhilarating; not your typical landscape conference! Here are 6 …

Are You Using Technology To Create A Competitive Advantage!


Are you using technology to create a competitive advantage? If not, you will get passed by your competition, eventually. I guarantee it! Join me for our FREE Contractor Conversation Webinar Series, this Wednesday, February 7 @ 1pm, EST: Scale Your Landscape Business with Technology and Innovation. Featuring 4 powerful leaders and disruptors in the green …

Is Recruiting Broken?


Remember a while back when finding an employee was more like fishing in a full pond? You had the opportunity to pick and choose, however for the employee it meant ‘really selling yourself’ and working hard to land a good job. These days the tables are turned. And many companies feel that recruiting is broken. …

Join Sabeena Hickman, The Power of Women in Landscaping


Change is affecting every aspect of our lives and business: Economics, people, technologies and business methods are rapidly impacted. We have a new Webinar series: Contractor Conversations 2018. With amazing insights from experts with proven records of success, we will share with you growth strategies that will help you transform your business success. The first …

Something Amazing Happened Last Week


In case you missed the most amazing conference last week, “Effective CEO/COO Partnerships,” here are  10 takeaway’s from the event, as told to me by the participants. I need to plan more “us” time for my COO and myself, in order to do real planning and for me to effectively share the vision and such. …

ANNOUNCING SPECIAL GUEST FOR WEBINAR #5: What is Your 2018 Growth Strategy


Join Jeffrey Scott on Wednesday, November 15, for his fifth webinar, “What is Your 2018 Growth Strategy” GUEST SPEAKER on this webinar will be: Mark Hutten, Owner and Business partner of Hutten & Co, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Register HERE, watch live, and you will also receive the recordings to view afterwards. This is the time to …