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How To Grow Your Company With An Effective Sales Team

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If you truly want to scale your lawn and landscape business, you must grow an effective sales team.  And to do that, you must become quite good at both marketing and sales management. Are you? They don’t teach Sales Management at school or university – almost nowhere, really. So, how do you learn to be …

What My New Dentist Can Teach You About Great Customer Service

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What if your client services were truly mind-blowingly different from your competition? My new dentist in New Orleans offers exactly such a service, and it’s one that everyone can learn from. In 2019, my wife and I moved out of Connecticut down to New Orleans. In many ways, we had to start life over. The hardest part was rebuilding …

Seven Predictions on Where The Green Industry is Going

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How confident are you in the future, in these times of change?  It is my responsibly to bring you insight into where the landscape industry, market, and economy are headed.  To do this, I plugged myself into many different networks.  The biggest is within my own community of landscape professionals. It is quite active, discussing trends …

The Pros and Cons of Landscape Design-Build

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Running a design-build business is a double-edged sword. There are big pluses and equally big minuses to owning such a business. The pros are growth and opportunity, and the cons will kill your fortunes if you aren’t careful. In the past two weeks I have spoken with three clients in my community, and one new …

How Would Your Clients Describe Working With Your Firm?

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As a company grows larger, sometimes the clients suffer. We all know that successful owners rely on their people, their systems and a great culture to hold everything together. But is that enough? As your company scales, who is truly looking out for the clients’ best interest? Sometimes clients get lost in the shuffle when …

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marketing Message and Mix


How well your company rebounds this year depends on the strength of your company’s marketing and sales culture. This is not the time to rely solely on referrals: When the economy drops, so do your leads. Strong marketing and sales-oriented companies don’t have this problem, even now. They have marketing engines and strong sales systems …

Innovative Leadership During The Crisis

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Some of you are working at full capacity, while others are in lockdown, and others are somewhere in-between. It’s a real patchwork across North America. For those of you impacted by the crisis, now is a time for innovation. Shakespeare remained productive and creative. Shakespeare worked through the plague and as a history lesson we …

Are You Buying, Or Are You Selling?

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We are experiencing turbulent times, and so I want to share some economic insight that will help ground you. A few weeks back after the stock market crashed, I called up my financial advisor on a Sunday to discuss options. I asked him the wisdom of taking some chips off the table in case the …

6 Strategies to Inspire Your Team to Thrive

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When you look back over history, it is the long term investor who does well, especially in times of uncertainty. Today’s papers are filled with headlines that drive panic. Don’t fall prey to it. Your business future will be decided by your calm approach and mindset today, and how you steer through today’s obstacles. With …

CRISIS RESOURCE PAGE: Responding to COVID-19 for the Lawn and Landscape Industry

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SMART BUSINESS RESPONSES TO COVID-19 During a crisis, smart lawn and landscape owners are looking for practical strategies and solutions they can implement in their business rapidly. You want to act fast. Consider this your crisis resource center where you will find links to basic and advanced business resources that will help you during the …