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The Fourth Quarter Sprint: Seventeen Strategies to Drive Profit by Year-End

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Your performance in the final quarter of 2020 will have an oversized impact on how much net profit your company earns this year. Weekly Throughput: The main driver of net profit in the final quarter is measured by your company’s Weekly Throughput i.e. the amount of billable production work your company can produce (“put through”) each …

What Goals Should You Focus on During the Home Stretch?

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It has been a long, tiresome year, where many people’s goals simply went out the window. Some of you are ready for Xmas break already! We will get there soon enough, but first, let’s recalibrate what needs to get done this fall. Barney Naylor, President of Naylor Landscape Management, shared this with me two weeks …

The Secret To Reducing Stress And Increasing Joy At Work (And In Life)

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During this crazy and challenging year, everyone could use more kindness in their life. The ongoing uncertainty of COVID seems to be hammering away at people’s feelings of well-being. Even the healthiest people I know are feeling the pressure of the constant changes. What can we do to compensate and stay refreshed and elevated? I …

How To Grow Your Company With An Effective Sales Team

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If you truly want to scale your lawn and landscape business, you must grow an effective sales team.  And to do that, you must become quite good at both marketing and sales management. Are you? They don’t teach Sales Management at school or university – almost nowhere, really. So, how do you learn to be …

Using Gross Profit Vs Net Profit — Which Is Better To Monitor?

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Imagine if you enjoyed a 65% gross margin but still had trouble achieving double-digit net profit margins. A contracting friend of mine is in this predicament due to his overhead structure and mix of services. He does an excellent job of attracting clients and making sales; he has not scaled his operations to the point …

A Success Story in These Challenging Times

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What I find most strange about this year, is how well many of my clients (lawn and landscape business owners) are doing. Here is one story that will show you how to take adverse circumstances (lemons) and making wonderful lemonade. This great example is from Planted Earth Landscaping, in Maryland. Chris Vedrani, CEO and co-owner of this …

Seven Predictions on Where The Green Industry is Going

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How confident are you in the future, in these times of change?  It is my responsibly to bring you insight into where the landscape industry, market, and economy are headed.  To do this, I plugged myself into many different networks.  The biggest is within my own community of landscape professionals. It is quite active, discussing trends …

The Pros and Cons of Landscape Design-Build

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Running a design-build business is a double-edged sword. There are big pluses and equally big minuses to owning such a business. The pros are growth and opportunity, and the cons will kill your fortunes if you aren’t careful. In the past two weeks I have spoken with three clients in my community, and one new …

Increasing the Value of Your Landscape Business

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I read something quite interesting in Forbes Magazine that will help you grow the value of your business. Back in 2018 Forbes published the results of a study that showed that companies with “diverse” leadership were more innovative and grew faster! They looked at 1700 different companies across 8 different countries, with varying industries and …

Is Your Landscape Company Financially Accountable?

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Financial accountability doesn’t need to be a bad word. The definition of accountability means to calculate or give an accounting of. With good people on board, you merely need a process for  taking an account of the situation, then making decisions based on that. In the past week I have worked with three different landscape …