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Is Recruiting Broken?


Remember a while back when finding an employee was more like fishing in a full pond? You had the opportunity to pick and choose, however for the employee it meant ‘really selling yourself’ and working hard to land a good job. These days the tables are turned. And many companies feel that recruiting is broken. …

Something Amazing Happened Last Week


In case you missed the most amazing conference last week, “Effective CEO/COO Partnerships,” here are  10 takeaway’s from the event, as told to me by the participants. I need to plan more “us” time for my COO and myself, in order to do real planning and for me to effectively share the vision and such. …

Leading In Lean Times


Some winters are flush with cash and some winters are lean. When winter revenue is low, you may feel like you are in lean times, like Moses wandering through the desert. While this can be a bad feeling, focusing directly on a ‘lack of money’ will make matters worse. I received an email from a …

Non-Billable Time Is Killing You


Every service company has to make an assessment of how much unproductive non-billable time their crews will have in a year, and this in effect becomes part of their overhead. Do you track this? If not, you are not alone. Many if not most companies don’t track non-billable time and are not aware of just how …

“Job Crafting” Improves Employee Productivity


This month I learned a clever way to improve employee productivity, called Job Crafting. One of my clients (Winterberry Gardens in CT) gave me permission to share it with you, after we discussed it during our Leader’s Edge peer group in Plano, Texas. This tool is used by both Fortune 500 and small owner-operated firms. …

Busy Is Not Always Good


Have you noticed how busy people are these days? People were busy last year, and now they are even busier today. 

But busy is not always good.

There are many different kinds of “busy.” Just like the Eskimo’s have many different definitions for “snow”, we need to differentiate between the different kinds of busy.

Here is a list …