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Is Recruiting Broken?

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Remember a while back when finding an employee was more like fishing in a full pond? You had the opportunity to pick and choose, however for the employee it meant ‘really selling yourself’ and working hard to land a good job. These days the tables are turned. And many companies feel that recruiting is broken. …

Join Sabeena Hickman, The Power of Women in Landscaping

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Change is affecting every aspect of our lives and business: Economics, people, technologies and business methods are rapidly impacted. We have a new Webinar series: Contractor Conversations 2018. With amazing insights from experts with proven records of success, we will share with you growth strategies that will help you transform your business success. The first …

Something Amazing Happened Last Week

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In case you missed the most amazing conference last week, “Effective CEO/COO Partnerships,” here are  10 takeaway’s from the event, as told to me by the participants. I need to plan more “us” time for my COO and myself, in order to do real planning and for me to effectively share the vision and such. …

A New Kind of Employee Review

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Here is a new approach to employee reviews. Now is the time to hold them, don’t wait till year-end.

Watch this short video for a new and better way to think about and hold employee reviews. Share it with other managers and develop a more productive approach to mentoring your team!


What To Do When a Key Employee Leaves

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At some point in the life of your company, you will lose a key team member or manager––or two or three. Possibly someone you thought was your best person ever, or someone you were counting on for a successful year. After the initial feeling of disappointment, and after a quick (!) evaluation of what you …

Leading In Lean Times

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Some winters are flush with cash and some winters are lean. When winter revenue is low, you may feel like you are in lean times, like Moses wandering through the desert. While this can be a bad feeling, focusing directly on a ‘lack of money’ will make matters worse. I received an email from a …

Triple Your Employee Productivity?

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Did you know that many high-profit companies pay their top employees above industry norms? Last week I invited Verne Harnish (founder of EO, author of Scaling Up.) to speak to one of my Leader’s Edge landscape peer groups. He was fantastic. We discussed how some of his most successful clients pay their top employees above …

Think Like an Owner

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Pass this on to all employees. It is not enough in this economy to wait for the boss to tell you what to do. If you want to grow your career, you have to think and act like an owner or CEO. Ask yourself, “What would an entrepreneur do to help this company grow?” Here …