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Why Run Your Company With “Profit Centers”?

Businessmen and businesswomen joining hands in group meeting at multicultural office room showing teamwork, support and unity in business. Diversity workplace and corporate people working concept.

There is a debate going on in our industry — some say you should have a separate sales department and a separate production department. Others say you should set up your company as a collection of profit centers, where one person oversees both sales and production. (Some companies will have a mix of both, but …

How To Plan Your Exit From A Landscape Business

green exit sign

Can you plan the exit of your landscape business too early? Not really. The best time to plan your exit is ten years out. The second best time is to start your planning now, with an eye to the future. Last week, a member of my community asked me how long it would take to …

What My New Dentist Can Teach You About Great Customer Service

happy teeth at dentist office

What if your client services were truly mind-blowingly different from your competition? My new dentist in New Orleans offers exactly such a service, and it’s one that everyone can learn from. In 2019, my wife and I moved out of Connecticut down to New Orleans. In many ways, we had to start life over. The hardest part was rebuilding …

Seven Predictions on Where The Green Industry is Going

hands on crystal ball

How confident are you in the future, in these times of change?  It is my responsibly to bring you insight into where the landscape industry, market, and economy are headed.  To do this, I plugged myself into many different networks.  The biggest is within my own community of landscape professionals. It is quite active, discussing trends …

Increasing the Value of Your Landscape Business

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I read something quite interesting in Forbes Magazine that will help you grow the value of your business. Back in 2018 Forbes published the results of a study that showed that companies with “diverse” leadership were more innovative and grew faster! They looked at 1700 different companies across 8 different countries, with varying industries and …

Leading In A Time Of Discord

leader facing oncoming storm

The world (or at least this country) is wrapped up in multiple crises happening at once. The pandemic/health crisis; the economic crisis; the political crisis; and the social injustice crisis.  These crises are impacting everyone in some way. It can feel overwhelming. People in your company, your family and your town are hurting. There is …

How Would Your Clients Describe Working With Your Firm?

business owner and client meeting

As a company grows larger, sometimes the clients suffer. We all know that successful owners rely on their people, their systems and a great culture to hold everything together. But is that enough? As your company scales, who is truly looking out for the clients’ best interest? Sometimes clients get lost in the shuffle when …

Is Your Landscape Company Financially Accountable?

Panoramic image, Man hand holding piggy bank on wood table. Save money and financial investment

Financial accountability doesn’t need to be a bad word. The definition of accountability means to calculate or give an accounting of. With good people on board, you merely need a process for  taking an account of the situation, then making decisions based on that. In the past week I have worked with three different landscape …

Become Your Employees Favorite Radio Station

radio on air sign

Over the past two months, I have been coaching leaders on how to inoculate themselves from the predictable bad news. Your employees need the same. If you have watched my videos you have heard me talk about becoming a radio station  for your employees. They hear so much bad and confusing news…they need a constant source …

Thriving In A Crisis: Free Webinar

thriving in a crisis free webinar

How well are you steering your company through this crisis? It has forced us all into immediate, relentless action. You have to work harder than ever before just to stay in place, and/or not lose too much ground. You are not alone. Here is how I can help you, with this free webinar, this Thursday, …